United States Warrant Service
The United States Warrant Service is the answer to the increasingly violent task of criminal and fugitive apprehension, Nationwide Misdemeanor inmate transportation, and the PIONEER of programming, implementing and using the CACHE of Federal Law Enforcement tools designed and released by the CIA, NSA, and FBI .

Designed to be totally autonomous, fast, precise and highly capable, the United States Warrant Service is the new government standard for Judiciary needs. The men and women that comprise the United States Warrant Service have all been hand selected, vetted, trained and assigned. Specializing in both sworn agents/officers for our government contractual needs and non-sworn civilian enforcement officers, to create a new type of Elite Paramiilitary Reconaissance and Warrant agency.


"We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us."
​- Winston Churchill
This unit apprehends fugitives of justice who have warrants for their arrest in the contiguous United States.

Arrest Warrants are court orders mandating law enforcement officers to arrest and bring before the court the person who is the subject of the warrant. The Warrants Unit serves arrest warrants issued by Federal, State and County courts for Failure to Appear.

Within the next 6 to 8 months we will begin our first 4 contracts with local city governments to begin executing warrants from a criminal investigation, a defendant’s failure to appear in court, or a defendant’s non-compliance with imposed court conditions. Agents serving in the unit are commissioned by contract, both Private and Government, to execute warrants for fugitives of justice and soon, to be the first and only agency to offer multi-state misdemeanor or felony, prisoner transport filling the very large void that currently sees millions of offenders with misdemeanor charges that were arrested in a state other than the originating warrant was entered. 

What happens if I’m served?
If you are arrested on a warrant, you will be taken to the jail to be booked.  The court will decide if you can post bond.  That’s money or property collateral held by the courts to encourage you to complete the court process.
Learn what happens when juveniles are arrested.

How to resolve your warrant
The most common arrest warrants are for failure to appear for missed traffic court dates. These are easily resolved by coming to the Justice Center and bringing all relevant paperwork.
The issue must be resolved in person.

Special Response Tactical Group (S.R.T.G.)
The SRTG is a very selective and elite group which focuses on finding fugitives who have outstanding felony warrants for drug offenses or violent crimes.Agents assigned to the S.R.T.G. are from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation with high performance records and show an exemplerary desire to perform their duties to their best.

Warrant Tip Line 
We need your help! Have information? Submit a tip for a cash reward leading to the subjects arrest and your tip can be anonymous. Call 720-663-0244,