United States Warrant Service
The United States Warrant Service is currently divided into four separate teams. The four teams are divided into two five-man assault teams, one recon team, an investigation's team of five and finally, the elite Special Response Tactical Group.

All members are qualified as peace officers being required to graduate from P.O.S.T. academies in the top 20th percentile and the S.R.T.G graduting in the top 5%.
It is the duty of the United States Warrant Service to uphold all laws of the judicial system, to have a personal pride and integrity in everything we do and to have compassion for those we hunt, as well as the courage to stand between the public and those who would do them harm. Cases that require the U.S.W.S. often have fugitives that are either very desperate to evade capture, are violently dangerous, or both. As such, our main focus is on safe and peaceful apprehension.