United States Warrant Service


Tactical Response Agents:

The Special Response Tactical Group is a specially trained and highly disciplined tactical unit, a self supporting response team capable of responding to high threat fugitive's anywhere in the US.

The fugitive investigation and apprehension environment is increasingly violent with a growing populace of anti government and law enforcement sentiments. The Special Response Tactical Group was formed to deal with these extremely violent, anti government, heavily armed criminals and fugitives.

The paramilitary operators that comprise this highly elite group have been hand picked and have undergone years of continued Paramilitary and Special Weapons training. To be considered for a spot on this team they must have the following:

  • Graduated the P.O.S.T. Academy in the top 5%
  • Have 3 years active paramilitary or special weapons and tactics experience or 4 years active combat experience in the armed forces.
  • Have zero disciplinary reports and have 2 letters of recommendations from either Commanding Officers, Government Politicians or instructors. 
  • Be able to attain a "Top Secret" clearance through OPM.